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Autumn watch – Time to get roofs ready for winter with high performance roofing cap sheets

As summer fades into autumn and night arrives ever earlier, winter is on the horizon. But it’s not just about watching Kate Humble talk about hibernating hedgehogs.


As the seasons take a distinctly chilly turn it’s the ideal opportunity to think about waterproofing roofs. And that’s where high performance roofing cap sheets come in very handy.

 Choosing the right product for the job

The importance of using the right material can’t be overstated. In addition to price, things to consider include:

  • Life expectancy.
  • Laying characteristics.
  • Fire performance.


This tried and tested torch-on membrane gives long-term durability backed by meaningful product guarantees (12 years for Fix-R). This product features:

  • Tough polyester reinforcement for added mechanical strength
  • Dimensional stability and puncture resistance
  • Highly engineered elastomeric formulation for improved laying properties in different weather condition
  • High temperature stability throughout the summer months
  • Enhanced flexibility when working in lower temperatures

Crucially, this product won’t let you down on site. Plus, with increased bitumen content in the coating, it’s far easier to obtain the necessary bleed at the laps. All in all you’ll get the extra peace of mind that waterproofing integrity will not be compromised at this vital part of the roof.


Reassuringly heavy, these robust membranes help reduce the occurrence of foot marking on site by reducing heat transfer through the membrane during torch-on application. This improves the overall aesthetics of the final job, keeping the customer happy!

Apply to:

  • Suitable pour and roll or torch-on underlays as part of a built-up system.
  • As a refurbishment overlay to existing asphalt or selected mineral surface bitumen membranes.