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Introducing FIX-R Classic’s new range of rainwater outlets

FIX-R Classic’s new range of flat roofing outlets, drainage and ventilation offer a practical, cost-effective solution for your flat roofing project.

At FIX-R Classic, they know that finding the right solution for the job can sometimes be challenging, so are committed to helping roofers by introducing new products that solve every day roofing issues, available nationwide and at the right price. FIX-R Classic Rainwater Outlets are a case in point.

Flat roofing outlets image


This new range of flat roofing outlets, drainage and ventilation is compatible with most waterproofing membranes including built-up felts and mastic asphalt finishes. They give you practical and economical solutions for refurbishment flat roofing projects where existing outlets have been damaged, and are also suitable for smaller new roof installations.

FIX-R Classic Rainwater Outlets are flat flange roof drainage outlets, made from EPDM (ethylene propylene diene rubber):

  • Highly resistant to ultraviolet, ozone and other atmospheric and chemical agents
  • Available in five sizes
  • Long lasting and highly flexible, even at low temperatures
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Ideal for both new build or refurbishment
  • Ribbed push-in downpipe gives completely leakproof connection to pipework
  • Available with leaf guards and gravel gates in various sizes


Designed for application at the angle of two intersecting faces these can be installed to provide either vertical or horizontal take-off. Supplied for convenience with a leaf guard and downpipe connector, they come in a variety of sizes and will allow you to make quick work of your refurbishment job.


Designed to allow water vapour to escape from the structure. Suitable for built up felt and mastic asphalt, breather vents release vapour pressure to avoid blistering of the membrane which may occur when moisture is retained in the construction process. Made from EPDM, these breather vents work simply by dressing the roofing membrane over the circular flange of the breather vent, to create a watertight seal.

You don’t need to use any heat or chemicals to install any of the new range, which makes FIX-R Classic Rainwater Outlets an even more perfect choice for your next flat roof project.

10 out of 10

When Coventry University’s Richard Crossman Building was due for a complete re-roof, there was one part of the building that needed a slightly different approach – FIX-R Classic had the answer.

The Crossman Building plays a central role in the life of Coventry University and is home to a range of health and life science departments, including: nursing, occupational therapy, paramedics, psychology and student registry services. It even has a mock hospital ward and operating theatre complete with lights, so it’s fair to say the people who run it don’t do things by halves.

That was certainly the case in 2016 when the building was completely refurbished and transformed from the ground up. This was a huge undertaking and as part of the project, the main roof was totally stripped, reinsulated and a torch applied bitumen membrane system installed. So far so good. However, as with all the best laid plans, there was also a 300m2 plant room roof adjoining the main roof that had not been scheduled for roof works or budgeted for! What to do? As the scaffolding was already in place, the University took the view that this extra work wouldn’t add that much to the overall project costs as long as they could find a cost effective solution with a 10 year warranty. With that in mind they asked the main contractor, B Jarvis Roofing Ltd to tender for an economical overlay system that was suitable for this section of the roof.

As this part of the site had specific requirements, a cold applied liquid solution was thought to be the best option to overlay the existing bitumen. FIX-R Classic Liquid 10 is ideal for these kinds of areas where there are lots of details to navigate, including an air conditioning plant, and was chosen for the job. The existing roof was cleaned, primed with FIX-R Classic Primer 10, then sealed with a single coat of FIX-R Classic Liquid 10. The main part of the roof was straight forward, however some of the air handling units needed to be lifted (where possible) to ensure that Liquid 10 could be applied under the rubber supports to the units.

FIX-R Classic Fibred 10 was used on the upstands and outlets as it is thixotropic (non-drip), which allows install of the upstand details without product slump. B Jarvis Roofing found the FIX-R Classic Liquid 10 system fast and simple to apply, and the roof was completed on time and within budget. That gets a 10 from us!

FIX-R provide the right solutions for the job

FREE Demo days for the new FIX-R 20 Torch on Felt and FREE training for FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing.

20 is a magic number
The latest addition to the FIX-R Torch on Felt family, FIX-R 20, gives you even more choice and a two decade guarantee.

A lot can change in 20 years. Those of us old enough to remember 1996 may recall Terry Venables resigning as England manager after losing to Germany on penalties (again), the Spice Girls releasing their first single, Wannabe, and Charles and Diana getting divorced. Plus, only 4% of the population had internet access. How times change! It’s reassuring to think that if you’d used FIX-R 20 at the time, it would still be performing as it should. That’s 20 years of peace of mind and flat roof protection.

From a technical point of view, FIX-R 20 Torch on Capsheet really helps contractors because its lower surface torching film disperses rapidly, making application fast, easy and secure. As well as being a great time saver, it’s also an ideal product to train a new member of your team or an apprentice learning the flat roofing trade – the perfect product to fill the skills gap.

FIX-R 20 gives you cost effective performance, so you can complete the job seamlessly first time round. Not only does it give you more choice, the 20-year insurance backed guarantee gives you two decades of security. Whatever you’re doing years from now, you can be sure FIX-R 20 will still be doing its job.

FIX-R 20:
– SBS modified torch on capsheet
– Strong polyester reinforcement
– Low temperature flexibility (down to -15°C)
– 20 year insurance backed guarantee!

Did you know FIX-R offers demo days on all their products? If you’d like a demonstration on how to apply FIX-R 20 in accordance with BS 8217:2005 Code of Practice for Reinforced Bitumen Membranes for roofing, and BS 6229 Code of Practice for Flat Roofs with continuously supported roof coverings, please contact your nearest SIG Roofing branch.

As well as the recent addition of FIX-R 20, the FIX-R Torch on Felt range currently includes a choice
of products with 10 and 15 year warranties, including:

– FIX-R Classic Capsheet and Underlay
– FIX-R SBS & APP Capsheet
– FIX-R SBS & APP Sanded Top Layer
– FIX-R Universal Torch on Venting Underlay
– FIX-R SBS & APP Torch on Universal Underlay

Are you sitting comfortably?
Once upon a time waterproofing a flat roof took a while… these days with FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing you can do it in less than a day!

We all love a good story; give us a valiant hero, a challenge and tales of daring-do and our brains light up like a firework display. Now, while it might not be as thrilling as an Andy McNab page turner, the story of how FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing is simple to use, can save you time, and does the job brilliantly (we’re in a skills shortage after all!) is definitely worth hearing. Let’s begin…

The sun rose in a clear sky but I knew rain was forecast for later. The day before, my customer Morris had just finished having the roof of his new 30m², 18mm OSB conservatory installed.

“You sure you can get it done before the rain comes?” he asked, as I unloaded the GRP trims, a few buckets of liquid and some rolls of fabric.

“Relax mate, it’ll be a doddle.”

With FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing’s quick wet on wet application and immediate water repellant qualities, not to mention the system’s new Jointing Tape and roller application technique, I reckoned I’d be off that roof well before it started raining.

First off I taped all the joints. FIX-R Jointing Tape is a polyester backed self-adhesive tape that makes sealing the joins on a roof with new boards (or foil faced insulation boards for that matter) quick and easy. Once taped, the joints are instantly waterproof – no fuss, no mess.

Next I tackled the roof perimeter, first installing a strip of 250mm FIX-R Reinforcing Fabric around the edge, then fixing on the GRP trims.

10:00 coffee break. Morris joined me and got me talking about the system. “What is it exactly?” he wanted to know, “and where does it come from?”

FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing is unique – it’s an alpha hybrid technology, totally non-hazardous, cures naturally and is applied all in one go (wet-on-wet) – so you don’t need to come back another day. Morris is impressed but doesn’t offer me a second cup as the clouds are starting to build up in the west and he’s eyeing his bare roof!

10:30 back on the job to lay the field area. I place the 15L buckets roughly 10m² apart (the coverage rate is 1.5L/m²) and get to work with the one metre wide roll of fabric and my roller. A couple of hours later I’m back to the ladder and off the roof.

Morris is mightily relieved and invites me in to lunch. I politely decline; it hasn’t started raining yet and there’s still time to price another job. Another great job done thanks to FIX-R and a happy customer!

FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing is available at all SIG Roofing branches with free training available. Speak to a branch near you for training dates and details.

Turn tricky jobs into quicker jobs!

On any flat roofing job, the likelihood is you’ll come up against a whole host of challenges. So, it makes sense to be as prepared as possible when it comes to products and processes within your control.

One issue you’ll certainly have to deal with is the need to waterproof your roof. However, with waterproofing products varying greatly in application, price, quality and consistency, how do you know which ones you can rely on? Why not start at FIX-R? Specialists in flat roofing, FIX-R design their products to make your job that little bit simpler. They offer a ready to use, wet-on-wet Liquid Waterproofing system that becomes water repellant on application. Suitable for use all year round, it’s ideal for flat roofing projects such as new builds, repairs, refurbs, etc. And, unlike other systems, it has very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it virtually odour-free, which means it’s classed as a non-hazardous product. Brilliant!

FIX-R’s specialist knowledge and industry expertise mean they know how important your time is. That’s why they’ve developed FIX-R Jointing Tape to accompany their Liquid Waterproofing system. A polyester reinforced self-adhesive tape, FIX-R Jointing Tape seals joints and seams in insulation and timber decks before the liquid waterproofing is applied.

– Replaces the need for the reinforcing fabric and liquid application at joints, saving you money
– Zero drying time allows you to get on with the job
– No need to step over wet joints
– Easy to install therefore less labour is required, reducing your costs

FIX-R Jointing Tape is perfect for confined spaces; it’s instantly watertight and allows the immediate application of liquid waterproofing. In other words, the tricky jobs become the quicker jobs! Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Everyone’s a winner with own label products

With so many big brands to choose from, why buy own label?

In 2014, research group Nielsen found that supermarket own label products – think ‘Tesco Finest’, Sainsbury’s ‘Be Good to Yourself’ and Waitrose’s ‘Essentials’ ranges amongst others – accounted for 54% of total supermarket sales. That’s a significant piece of the pie.

Leaving the question, why are own label products such a popular consumer choice? In the construction industry they offer a time saving solution, where someone else has done all the hard work for you. Suppliers of own label products dedicate their time and resource to identifying the best product solution and suitable manufacturer for their customers’ needs.
This is done by companies working with, and listening to their customers to identify the required product solution. Once the solution is agreed, suppliers select a manufacturer that is well established, has a proven track record in the industry and exceptional technical knowledge and expertise.

It doesn’t stop there, when considering an own label product you can rely on a trusted product solution that:

Answers customers’ specific needs
Offers reliable performance
Provides exceptional quality
Is tried and tested
Is based on the latest research and product developments
Complies with legislation
Offers robust warranties
Plus, they’re readily available, so you know you can get the products you need, whenever you need them.

So, which own label products fit the bill in the roofing industry? Ranges such as TIL-R, FIX-R and FIT-R have been developed with expert manufacturers, and undergo rigorous testing before being released to the market, giving you assurance of their quality. They are also designed to fit together seamlessly, which means you don’t have to waste time shopping around for complementary materials. Therefore if you want to save time by selecting quality products you can trust, they are a good choice.

An added bonus of the TIL-R, FIX-R and FIT-R ranges is that they come with warranties backed by SIG, a FTSE 250 company as standard.

Pop into SIG Roofing to view the full TIL-R, FIX-R and FIT-R ranges. Find you local branch at

New liquid waterproofing system ‘FIX-R’s’ the job


Selected for its universal fix across all applications, FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing from SIG Roofing came to the rescue of Lancashire-based roofing contractors, Young & Co., when faced with inclement weather on a housing project in Manchester.

Contracted to refurbish the flat roofs of housing stock managed by Northwards Housing, an ‘arms length management organisation’ – or Almo – that manages 13,000 City Council homes in north Manchester, Young & Co. elected to use FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing for the first time as a universal quick-fix waterproofing remedy for the project’s various substrate canopies and bays.

Mark Watson at Northwards Housing explains: “SIG Roofing recommended the FIX-R liquid plastic over-coating system to me at design stage and one of the factors which appealed to me in considering whether to use this product was its ability to be applied during most weather conditions. As well as its appeal of a universal fix, we were also drawn to FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing for its cost-effectiveness.”

Mark Hilton, Contract Manager at Young & Co. continues: “Little did we know that as well as its ability to be applied in all weathers, we were also to be mightily impressed with its speed of application and its effectiveness on small and large areas with all trims pre-manufactured.”

He added: “Despite being faced with inclement weather throughout the project, FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing enabled us to recommence our work as soon as the bad weather passed without the need to recoat. Suffice to say that we will look to use this system on future flat roofing projects.”

Suitable for new build, repair and refurbishment projects – and even appropriate for balconies, terraces and walkways – FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing is a single liquid hybrid polymer system that is Isocyanurate free and contains no solvents.

Ready to use, it is a wet-on-wet system that becomes water repellent upon application. Reinforced with a polyester membrane, it provides strong adhesion to most conventional substrates, thereby providing excellent elasticity and tensile strength. FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing can be applied all year round and any unused product can be stored and reused – if sealed and stored between 4°C – 32°C – offering minimum wastage.
Commenting on the use of FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing, Stuart Base, Head of Marketing at SIG UK Exteriors said: “As well as offering contractors a reliable, flexible and all-year round water proofing solution that does not shrink and is fully resistant to standing water, FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing is unlike other systems as it has very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which makes it virtually odour-free and it is not classed as a hazardous product.
“FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing is perfect for green roofs, brown roofs and living walls – due to its root resistance – and it can also be used to tackle a myriad of other projects including detailing, up-stands, penetrations and terminations, fountains and water features. When used in conjunction with FIX-R Fabric, an even stronger waterproofing system is created,” adds Stuart.

Also ideal for use on heritage properties and lead replacement, together with waterproofing gutters, FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing can encapsulate asbestos or fibre cement, and even be used to waterproof profiled metal roofs. It is also a popular choice when re coating failed single ply roofs.

For further information on FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing and the FIX-R range of products, visit or ring 01480 466 777.


Pictured here; FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing from SIG Roofing – a single liquid hybrid polymer system that is Isocyanurate free and contains no solvents. It is suitable for new build, repair and refurbishment flat roofing projects, and even appropriate for balconies, terraces and walkways.

Top five tips for installing EPDM on flat roofs

Flat roofs have come a long way since the 1960’s. Gone are the leaky roofs that were expensive and troublesome to maintain; today, flat roofs are low-maintenance and can enjoy a trouble-free life expectancy of up to 15 years. In the case of EPDM, some manufacturers have a proven life expectancy of over 50 years, making this rubber membrane a popular choice for both domestic and commercial flat roofing projects.

As with any roofing material, when components are not installed correctly, problems can occur, and EPDM is no exception. With planning and preparation being the key to success; here’s FIX-R’s top five tips to avoid flat roofing snags:

1. Firstly, make sure that the existing or new roof decking is 100% clean of dust, chippings, sharp objects or raised fixings – otherwise these will show up under the membrane and can stop the glue bonding properly. All decking must be dry and adequately fastened.

2. Unfold the EPDM membrane and lay it into position. Allow the membrane to hang over the roof edge by a minimum of 75mm (3”), and turn up walls 200mm (8”) minimum. Leave to relax for at least 30 minutes to help remove creases.

3. Apply an approved high strength, solvent based bonding adhesive that is specifically designed for EPDM and approved by the EPDM supplier, (or an approved WBA deck adhesive) and preferably one that can be roller applied to the substrate, and in the case of the solvent adhesive, to the underside of the sheet. Be sure that the membrane is in position, to size, and all creases are properly out before applying the adhesive. Also, allow the solvent based adhesive to flash off, otherwise blistering under the membrane can occur.

4. Roll the adhesive-coated EPDM back onto the deck where adhesive has been applied, working slowly and evenly to minimise wrinkles. Incorrectly attaching the EPDM to corners, walls, around drains, pipes and other areas will enable water to find its way in. The sealing of corners and penetrations needs to be completed with EPDM primer and pressure sensitive mouldable tapes to seal any openings.

5. The devil lies in the detail, so ensure that the roof perimeter trims are of a high quality finish to compliment the durable EPDM roof. The trims can be made of plastic coated metal or uPVC.

Finally, it pays to source high quality, proven products such as FIX-R’s range of EPDM and accessories that have a proven life expectancy of 50 years. FIX-R’s EPDM membranes are 9% thicker than most competitors’ EPDM membranes and come in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses too. The FIX-R EPDM system also includes deck and bonding adhesive, EPDM primer, flashing tapes, cover strips, as well as many other accessories. The benefits of FIX-R EPDM large membrane rolls are fewer (or often) no seams, no heat or flames, clean application, long lifetime and faster installation – meaning reduced labour costs: it’s a win-win.

Want further help and advice on EPDM installation? Contact 01480 466 777 or visit

The latest addition to FIX-R’s Liquid Waterproofing Range

                                                      Joining Tape

FIX-R has added FIX-R Jointing Tape to its wide range of Liquid Waterproofing materials with the aim of making tricky jobs the quicker jobs.

FIX-R Jointing Tape is a polyester reinforced self-adhesive tape, used to seal joints and seams on all surfaces prior to applying the accompanying FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing.

FIX-R Jointing tape replaces the need for the reinforcing fabric and liquid application which was previously used at joints, whereby saving contractors time and reducing the overall material cost of a project.

In simple terms, with zero drying time, there is no need for stepping over wet joints, or waiting hours for it to dry before proceeding with the project. Additionally, due to the ease of installation, less labour is required, further reducing project costs.

On the new product addition, Richard Parker, Category Manager for FIX-R remarked: “When we develop new products, the contractors are at the forefront of our minds. That is why we were keen to offer such product that is capable of saving valuable time, money and labour on the projects. Making contractors’ lives as straight forward as possible is what we are all about.”

FIX-R Jointing Tape is available at all SIG Roofing branches nationwide, and is offered in single rolls or in boxes of 4 handy 25 metre rolls.

FIX-R Demo Days – Get the Knowledge

SIG Roofing recently provided a series of free demonstrations specifically for flat roofs.

For contractors who wanted to get the skills, knowledge and experience to tap into the flat roof market, it was the perfect opportunity.

The live demonstrations were free and only took a couple of hours, with no pressure to buy anything. They covered everything you needed to know about flat roof installations and looked at a number of waterproofing techniques and products, including:
• Liquid waterproofing
• Torch on felts
• Roof repair solutions
• GRP waterproofing
• Paints
• Pour and roll felts
• Asphalt
• Single ply
• Green roofs
• Insulation

Flat roofing has come a long way in recent years – better technology, better products, just… better. But, when things change it can sometimes be difficult to keep up.

Changes in legislation, customer requirements and new technology have all led to an increasing number of waterproofing solutions being available. With so many options it’s clear there’s a real need to clarify what’s what and what’s not.

FIX-R, the new liquid waterproofing system SIG Roofing have introduced to their FIX-R range, is fast becoming the number one choice among contractors, as it is reliable and flexible all year round.

Easy to apply and cost-effective, this new addition to the FIX-R family is a ready to use wet-on-wet single liquid hybrid polymer system that becomes water repellent when applied. It’s suitable for new build, repair and refurbishment projects and has a number of benefits such as:
•Isocyanurate and solvent free
•Very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so virtually odour-free
•Not classed as a hazardous product
•Strong adhesion, elasticity and tensile strength
•All-year-round application
•Unused product can be stored and reused

On a recent job in Kent, MSB Roofing found out just how good FIX-R is. Halfway through the installation it started to rain. With most systems you’d need to recoat. But, after the rain stopped, they carried on as before. With no shrinkage and being fully resistant to standing water, FIX-R gives contractors a reliable, flexible all-year-round waterproofing solution.

You name it, you can probably use FIX-R liquid waterproofing on it.

Green roofs, brown roofs, living walls, balconies, terraces, walkways, detailing, up-stands, penetrations, terminations, fountains, water features, heritage properties, lead replacement and gutters. There’s probably more but you get the picture. And, because it’s combined with FIX-R Fabric, you get a really strong waterproofing system.

If that wasn’t enough FIX-R can also cover asbestos or fibre cement and waterproof profiled metal roofs.

Basically, it’s waterproofing brilliance. (In a tub).

If you were unable to make it to one of the demonstrations, a new website dedicated to the FIX-R portfolio – – has been launched. It’s an easy to use reference, and you can also download a free step-by-step guide to flat roofing.

Thanks to Insight magazine for the above editorial.

Can we FIX-Rcryl it?

Yes we can!

Step into your nearest SIG Roofing branch (see and you’ll find shelves stacked high with a brand new repair compound with some clear advances in repair coating technology.

Introducing the New FIX-Rcryl

FIX-Rcryl is a waterproofing repair membrane with a load of benefits.

Not only does it coat many existing roofing materials, liked cracked bitumen, felt, fibreglass, brickwork, cementitious bases, metals etc it’s also great for different roof types – pitched, flat, complex. There’s a handy data sheet that explains all the application details but you get the picture.


• Instant shower protection from application

• One coat solution, requires less application time.

• Higher dry film build, meaning you need less when compared to similar products

• Full range of application methods i.e. brush, roller or squeegee


• Cold applied

• Consistent and even application coat weight which is easy to apply

• Quick build up that won’t sag or drain on vertical surfaces

• Will gap fill and bridge small cracks

• Wide range of application temperatures


• Low VOC emissions less than 400g per litre (When compared to leading brand repair compounds)

• Fibre filled to give improved characteristics

• Low odour (When compared to leading brand repair compounds)

• High UV resistance

• Low colour change

• Available in 5 & 20kg packs

 Fix-Rcryl… that’ll fix it.