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Just clip it!

TIL-R’s new range of Tile Clips are the perfect solution for a quicker finish, whilst ensuring your secondary fixings easily meet the revised BS 5534:2014.

Since the new British Standards for slating and tiling came into force, a number of products have emerged to help contractors comply with the new regulations. Under the revised rules all tiles now need to be mechanically fixed – to ensure a safer and more secure finish. That’s why TIL-R have developed their new range of single piece, universal Tile Clips – suitable for use on pitched roof interlocking tiles, at all exposures.

Manufactured from drawn galvanised carbon steel, which remains more rigid than stainless steel, TIL-R’s new range makes it easy for you to comply with the code and get on with the job. TIL-R Tile Clips are fast and simple to install with no need for any nail or clip threading. And, by helping keep drainage channels blockage free, the clips allow free water passage away from the roof.

TIL-R Tile Clips are available in two options; the first is for flat profile thin leading edge interlocking tiles and interlocking mock plain tiles and the second is for flat profile standard interlocking tiles and most pantiles.

TIL-R Tile Clips are:

• Fully compliant to BS 5534:2014
• Tested by BRE for wind resistance performance
• Professional quality with a 15-year product warranty
• Included in SIG Roofing’s ONE Warranty

Whatever solution you need, you can be sure TIL-R Tile Clips give you the host of benefits we’ve come to expect from TIL-R.

Find out more about TIL-R Tile Clips here.