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FIX-R have been at the forefront for many years supplying the roofing market with quality flat roofing systems and this is no exception with the introduction of FIX-R GRP, developed alongside trusted installers and manufactured to the highest standards using only virgin materials in its production.



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• GRP Product Range

• Recommended GRP Tools & Associated Equipment

• Types of Edge Trims and where to use them

• GRP Quick Installation Guide

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What makes FIX-R GRP the right choice for you:

• 20 (450g CSM) & 25 (600g CSM) Year Material Guarantee’s on system.*

• Materials specially developed and designed for roofing.

• Superior `wet-out’ of resin with fibreglass reinforcement.

• High grab and final bond strength to 18mm OSB 3.

• Controllable cure system that can be adjusted with hot and cold weather conditions.

• UV resistant topcoats with ease of application.

• Tough and weather resistant finish.

• Long term performance with use in areas such as extensions, garage roof, balconies,

walkways and industrial roofing.

• Anti-Slip option for topcoats.

Whether it’s a small or large flat roof, a refurbishment or a new build, our GRP system is the perfect choice for you.

GRP Product Range


FIX-R GRP Performance Resin

Developed to achieve a consistent curing speed when used with the standard FIX-R GRP Catalyst.


• Available in 5, 9 & 18kg tins 1.25kg/m2 covergae approx with 450g csm.

• Designed to be used with FIX-R GRP Catalyst and FIX-R GRP Chopped Strand Matting.

FIX-R GRP Performance Topcoat

Specially formulated to give the optimal finish to your GRP project. With excellent coverage and application viscosity, designed not to run and sag whilst applying.


• Available in 5, 9 & 18kg tins 1.25kg/m2 covergae approx.

• Available in mid grey, other colours are available subject to minimum order quantity.

FIX-R GRP Standard Catalyst

FIX-R GRP Catalyst is used to start the reactive curing process for FIX-R GRP Performance Resin & Topcoat.

FIX-R GRP Iron Silicate

Iron Silicate enables our GRP system to be used for walkways and balconies creating an anti slip surface.


• Available in 5kg, 10kg buckets and 25kg bags.