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Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid WaterproofingNo hazard stamp

  • Cost effective wet-on-wet application
  • Water repellent on application
  • Minimum wastage – unused product can be stored and reused*
  • Fully reinforced with polyester fabric
  • Can be applied all year round above 0°C
  • Strong adhesion to most conventional substrates
  • Excellent elasticity and tensile strength
  • Resistant to standing water
  • No shrinkage – 100% solids 
  • UV stable
  • Vapour permeable
  • Virtually odourless
  • Non hazardous – solvent-free
  • Extremely low VOC’s
  • Extendable Warranty

*sealed and then stored between 5°C – 35°C

Watch the FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing installation video

FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing System is a hybrid polymer liquid waterproofing system based on alpha–hybrid silane terminated polyether technology. While it exceeds most performance criteria for polyurethane, PMMA and other solvent based systems, it also eliminates many of the disadvantages associated with these products.

It is fully reinforced with a polyester membrane and cures through contact with the moisture in the atmosphere. Being largely independent of the weather, it can be applied under practically any conditions, even on cold, wet days and on damp surfaces.

It is ideal for:

  • New build, repair or refurbishment projects
  • Flat roofs, balconies, terraces, walkways
  • Complex detailing, up-stands, penetrations and terminations
  • Over-coating failed single ply or existing coatings

Stain Blocker

  • A low-viscosity, highly penetrating, advanced acrylic polymer stain blocker
  • Blocks the migration of asphaltic oils eliminating the risk of bleed through

FIX-R Stain Blocker is a highly penetrating, low-viscosity advanced acrylic polymer stain blocker which eliminates the risk of migration of asphaltic oils. If the substrate is in poor condition and showing signs of potential leaching, apply a coat of FIX-R Stain Blocker.


Use FIX-R Fabric to fully reinforce FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing, creating a flexible and strong waterproofing system.

Fabric sizes available:

  • 25 x 1m (for field area)
  • 25 x 250mm (for detailing and upstands)
  • 25 x 100mm Self Adhesive Jointing Tape

Jointing Tape

FIX-R Jointing Tape is a polyester reinforced self-adhesive tape designed to seal joints and seams on all surfaces prior to the application of the accompanying FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing system. Replacing the need for the 100mm wide reinforcing fabric and liquid application previously used at these joints, Our Jointing Tape saves you time on installation, as well as reduces your overall material costs. The easy peel-off backing makes application as simple as possible.

Uses and Advantages:

  • Sealing joints in insulation and timber decks prior to the application of the FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing System
  • Sealing of Telescopic Tube fasteners in a mechanically fixed insulation system
  • Easy peel off backing to reveal the self-adhesive surface
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Reduced labour cost, due to simple install and system can be applied immediately over the tape
  • Water resistant immediately after application

Watch the FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing installation video