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PU Adhesive

PU Adhesive

  • High adhesion to resist wind uplift
  • Flexible
  • Gap filling properties
  • Temperature resistance: -40°C to +100°C
  • Eliminates the need for ‘hot works’ –  maximising contractor/building safety
  • Safe to store on site because it is a non-flammable product.
  • Promotes longevity of the roof because it is chemical and water-resistant
  • Reduces the need for intrusive and damaging mechanical fixings/fasteners.

FIX-R PU Adhesive is a solvent free, non-flammable and low odour, moisture curing polyurethane insulation bonding adhesive for securely bonding insulation board to various roof substrates, including schools and hospitals. FIX-R PU Adhesive is designed to bond all types of insulation including PIR, mineral wool and EPS and has the option of bonding board straight to deck or vapour control layer (VCL).

FIX-R PU Adhesive is supplied in 5L tins, and is applied straight from the tin in beads/ribbons because it is a single-component MCPU adhesive. FIX-R PU Adhesive is fast curing at a wide range of temperatures (5-30°C ) and foams to provide gap filling properties.