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Reinforced Single Ply

FIX-R Reinforced Single Ply is a synthetic rubber membrane with a polyester fleece laminated to the underside. Installation of the membrane is made easy with the enhanced adhesion characteristics that the polyester fleece offers.

FIX-R Reinforced Single Ply comes standard with Pre-applied Seam Tape, for quick and easy installation. The flexibility of the rubber membrane guarantees resistance against all extreme weather conditions, so you can be sure that you are providing your clients with an outstanding and unmatched flat roofing system.

Key Features:

• Fleece reinforced for added durability

• Durable – no splits, cracks or flaws

• Promises unmatched weather resistance in all extreme temperatures

• Can easily accommodate any building movement with over 300% product flexibility

• Pre-applied seam tape for fast application

• Fast, reliable and cold applied

• Available in rolls of 1.52m x 12.2m, 18.54m2

• Lightweight – weighs 75% less than a bitumen felt system

• Ideal for repairs, renewals and new builds

• No specialist tools are required, making it a low cost installation