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10 out of 10

When Coventry University’s Richard Crossman Building was due for a complete re-roof, there was one part of the building that needed a slightly different approach – FIX-R Classic had the answer.

The Crossman Building plays a central role in the life of Coventry University and is home to a range of health and life science departments, including: nursing, occupational therapy, paramedics, psychology and student registry services. It even has a mock hospital ward and operating theatre complete with lights, so it’s fair to say the people who run it don’t do things by halves.

That was certainly the case in 2016 when the building was completely refurbished and transformed from the ground up. This was a huge undertaking and as part of the project, the main roof was totally stripped, reinsulated and a torch applied bitumen membrane system installed. So far so good. However, as with all the best laid plans, there was also a 300m2 plant room roof adjoining the main roof that had not been scheduled for roof works or budgeted for! What to do? As the scaffolding was already in place, the University took the view that this extra work wouldn’t add that much to the overall project costs as long as they could find a cost effective solution with a 10 year warranty. With that in mind they asked the main contractor, B Jarvis Roofing Ltd to tender for an economical overlay system that was suitable for this section of the roof.

As this part of the site had specific requirements, a cold applied liquid solution was thought to be the best option to overlay the existing bitumen. FIX-R Classic Liquid 10 is ideal for these kinds of areas where there are lots of details to navigate, including an air conditioning plant, and was chosen for the job. The existing roof was cleaned, primed with FIX-R Classic Primer 10, then sealed with a single coat of FIX-R Classic Liquid 10. The main part of the roof was straight forward, however some of the air handling units needed to be lifted (where possible) to ensure that Liquid 10 could be applied under the rubber supports to the units.

FIX-R Classic Fibred 10 was used on the upstands and outlets as it is thixotropic (non-drip), which allows install of the upstand details without product slump. B Jarvis Roofing found the FIX-R Classic Liquid 10 system fast and simple to apply, and the roof was completed on time and within budget. That gets a 10 from us!