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Can we FIX-Rcryl it?

Yes we can!

Step into your nearest SIG Roofing branch (see and you’ll find shelves stacked high with a brand new repair compound with some clear advances in repair coating technology.

Introducing the New FIX-Rcryl

FIX-Rcryl is a waterproofing repair membrane with a load of benefits.

Not only does it coat many existing roofing materials, liked cracked bitumen, felt, fibreglass, brickwork, cementitious bases, metals etc it’s also great for different roof types – pitched, flat, complex. There’s a handy data sheet that explains all the application details but you get the picture.


• Instant shower protection from application

• One coat solution, requires less application time.

• Higher dry film build, meaning you need less when compared to similar products

• Full range of application methods i.e. brush, roller or squeegee


• Cold applied

• Consistent and even application coat weight which is easy to apply

• Quick build up that won’t sag or drain on vertical surfaces

• Will gap fill and bridge small cracks

• Wide range of application temperatures


• Low VOC emissions less than 400g per litre (When compared to leading brand repair compounds)

• Fibre filled to give improved characteristics

• Low odour (When compared to leading brand repair compounds)

• High UV resistance

• Low colour change

• Available in 5 & 20kg packs

 Fix-Rcryl… that’ll fix it.