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FIX-R Demo Days – Get the Knowledge

SIG Roofing recently provided a series of free demonstrations specifically for flat roofs.

For contractors who wanted to get the skills, knowledge and experience to tap into the flat roof market, it was the perfect opportunity.

The live demonstrations were free and only took a couple of hours, with no pressure to buy anything. They covered everything you needed to know about flat roof installations and looked at a number of waterproofing techniques and products, including:
• Liquid waterproofing
• Torch on felts
• Roof repair solutions
• GRP waterproofing
• Paints
• Pour and roll felts
• Asphalt
• Single ply
• Green roofs
• Insulation

Flat roofing has come a long way in recent years – better technology, better products, just… better. But, when things change it can sometimes be difficult to keep up.

Changes in legislation, customer requirements and new technology have all led to an increasing number of waterproofing solutions being available. With so many options it’s clear there’s a real need to clarify what’s what and what’s not.

FIX-R, the new liquid waterproofing system SIG Roofing have introduced to their FIX-R range, is fast becoming the number one choice among contractors, as it is reliable and flexible all year round.

Easy to apply and cost-effective, this new addition to the FIX-R family is a ready to use wet-on-wet single liquid hybrid polymer system that becomes water repellent when applied. It’s suitable for new build, repair and refurbishment projects and has a number of benefits such as:
•Isocyanurate and solvent free
•Very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so virtually odour-free
•Not classed as a hazardous product
•Strong adhesion, elasticity and tensile strength
•All-year-round application
•Unused product can be stored and reused

On a recent job in Kent, MSB Roofing found out just how good FIX-R is. Halfway through the installation it started to rain. With most systems you’d need to recoat. But, after the rain stopped, they carried on as before. With no shrinkage and being fully resistant to standing water, FIX-R gives contractors a reliable, flexible all-year-round waterproofing solution.

You name it, you can probably use FIX-R liquid waterproofing on it.

Green roofs, brown roofs, living walls, balconies, terraces, walkways, detailing, up-stands, penetrations, terminations, fountains, water features, heritage properties, lead replacement and gutters. There’s probably more but you get the picture. And, because it’s combined with FIX-R Fabric, you get a really strong waterproofing system.

If that wasn’t enough FIX-R can also cover asbestos or fibre cement and waterproof profiled metal roofs.

Basically, it’s waterproofing brilliance. (In a tub).

If you were unable to make it to one of the demonstrations, a new website dedicated to the FIX-R portfolio – – has been launched. It’s an easy to use reference, and you can also download a free step-by-step guide to flat roofing.

Thanks to Insight magazine for the above editorial.