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FIX-R – Maximum protection that won’t let you down

FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing

If only they made deodorants as good as FIX-R – one spray and you’d be dry for the rest of the year. In fact, you’d be dry for decades.

When it comes to liquid waterproofing systems, FIX-R really is the cream of the crop. Whether  you’re starting from scratch or patching up a tired flat roof, this ready to use multifunctional wet-on-wet system will never let you down, come rain or shine.

The number one choice

With its ease of application and cost-effectiveness, FIX-R is rapidly becoming the go-to waterproofing solution for roofers. And the reasons are pretty clear-cut:

• Single liquid hybrid polymer system

• Solvent-free, so non-hazardous for extra piece of mind

• No nasty smell

• Once applied, FIX-R is completely water repellent so no need to re-coat after a downpour

• Provides excellent elasticity and strength

• Ideal for a variety of surfaces including balconies, terraces and even water features

• Minimum wastage

• Maximum value for money

Tried, tested, trusted

If you haven’t seen for yourself what FIX-R can do then you need to.

Contractors up and down the country are already reaping the benefits of this reliable, flexible and all-year round waterproofing solution

You can use FIX-R to waterproof profiled metal roofs and it’s ideal for use on heritage properties, lead replacement and waterproofing gutters. Not only that but with the ability to cover asbestos or fibre cement, FIX-R beats everything else on the market hands down. And, that’s for SURE!