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FREE Demo days for the new FIX-R 20 Torch on Felt and FREE training for FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing.

20 is a magic number
The latest addition to the FIX-R Torch on Felt family, FIX-R 20, gives you even more choice and a two decade guarantee.

A lot can change in 20 years. Those of us old enough to remember 1996 may recall Terry Venables resigning as England manager after losing to Germany on penalties (again), the Spice Girls releasing their first single, Wannabe, and Charles and Diana getting divorced. Plus, only 4% of the population had internet access. How times change! It’s reassuring to think that if you’d used FIX-R 20 at the time, it would still be performing as it should. That’s 20 years of peace of mind and flat roof protection.

From a technical point of view, FIX-R 20 Torch on Capsheet really helps contractors because its lower surface torching film disperses rapidly, making application fast, easy and secure. As well as being a great time saver, it’s also an ideal product to train a new member of your team or an apprentice learning the flat roofing trade – the perfect product to fill the skills gap.

FIX-R 20 gives you cost effective performance, so you can complete the job seamlessly first time round. Not only does it give you more choice, the 20-year insurance backed guarantee gives you two decades of security. Whatever you’re doing years from now, you can be sure FIX-R 20 will still be doing its job.

FIX-R 20:
– SBS modified torch on capsheet
– Strong polyester reinforcement
– Low temperature flexibility (down to -15°C)
– 20 year insurance backed guarantee!

Did you know FIX-R offers demo days on all their products? If you’d like a demonstration on how to apply FIX-R 20 in accordance with BS 8217:2005 Code of Practice for Reinforced Bitumen Membranes for roofing, and BS 6229 Code of Practice for Flat Roofs with continuously supported roof coverings, please contact your nearest SIG Roofing branch.

As well as the recent addition of FIX-R 20, the FIX-R Torch on Felt range currently includes a choice
of products with 10 and 15 year warranties, including:

– FIX-R Classic Capsheet and Underlay
– FIX-R SBS & APP Capsheet
– FIX-R SBS & APP Sanded Top Layer
– FIX-R Universal Torch on Venting Underlay
– FIX-R SBS & APP Torch on Universal Underlay

Are you sitting comfortably?
Once upon a time waterproofing a flat roof took a while… these days with FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing you can do it in less than a day!

We all love a good story; give us a valiant hero, a challenge and tales of daring-do and our brains light up like a firework display. Now, while it might not be as thrilling as an Andy McNab page turner, the story of how FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing is simple to use, can save you time, and does the job brilliantly (we’re in a skills shortage after all!) is definitely worth hearing. Let’s begin…

The sun rose in a clear sky but I knew rain was forecast for later. The day before, my customer Morris had just finished having the roof of his new 30m², 18mm OSB conservatory installed.

“You sure you can get it done before the rain comes?” he asked, as I unloaded the GRP trims, a few buckets of liquid and some rolls of fabric.

“Relax mate, it’ll be a doddle.”

With FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing’s quick wet on wet application and immediate water repellant qualities, not to mention the system’s new Jointing Tape and roller application technique, I reckoned I’d be off that roof well before it started raining.

First off I taped all the joints. FIX-R Jointing Tape is a polyester backed self-adhesive tape that makes sealing the joins on a roof with new boards (or foil faced insulation boards for that matter) quick and easy. Once taped, the joints are instantly waterproof – no fuss, no mess.

Next I tackled the roof perimeter, first installing a strip of 250mm FIX-R Reinforcing Fabric around the edge, then fixing on the GRP trims.

10:00 coffee break. Morris joined me and got me talking about the system. “What is it exactly?” he wanted to know, “and where does it come from?”

FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing is unique – it’s an alpha hybrid technology, totally non-hazardous, cures naturally and is applied all in one go (wet-on-wet) – so you don’t need to come back another day. Morris is impressed but doesn’t offer me a second cup as the clouds are starting to build up in the west and he’s eyeing his bare roof!

10:30 back on the job to lay the field area. I place the 15L buckets roughly 10m² apart (the coverage rate is 1.5L/m²) and get to work with the one metre wide roll of fabric and my roller. A couple of hours later I’m back to the ladder and off the roof.

Morris is mightily relieved and invites me in to lunch. I politely decline; it hasn’t started raining yet and there’s still time to price another job. Another great job done thanks to FIX-R and a happy customer!

FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing is available at all SIG Roofing branches with free training available. Speak to a branch near you for training dates and details.